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I use my illustrations to provide visual resolutions for virtually any kind of business. Illustrations are one of the most important tools in communicating ideas.


Through illustration, I can help you to quickly provide information, incite emotion, and even change someone’s perception about your company or product.

Here are some examples of how my illustration can help you:



Corporate &


Social Media



for Apparel



& Posters



Illustration Pricing:

Here is a guide to how the price is worked out.

  • What the illustration will be used for? Is it for print or online? How big is the print run? Is it local, national or global in scale? How long will you be using it?

  • What size is the client? Massive global companies are understandably likely to be charged more than small local businesses and start-ups.

  • Do you want to licence the work or buy outright? Licensing the work involves a rights agreement based on the time, markets and territories the illustrations will be used for. After and outside of this agreement the rights to the illustration revert back to the original illustrator. Buying outright can be more expensive but means you own all the rights to the work.

  • How complex do you need the illustration to be? The price will reflect this extra work.

  • How will the project be structured? If you want to see lots of rough sketches at the start or need several different sized deliverables at the end then the price will reflect this extra work.

My Graphic Design Services

Because I’m an illustrator and a graphic designer I can help you to create the entire project using fonts, layout, colours and formatting for your required placement. These are either included in the overall cost of the project or listed as separate items so you can decide how much you would like me to help with.

Your Budget

I know that a lot of clients don’t like to reveal their budget but it makes this process easier. If you tell me what you need and how much you have in the pot to pay for it I can quite quickly work out if the two tally up. If they do, then we can get to work, if not then I can work something out to bring the project in on budget – a slightly different style, less revisions, a more specific licence etc.

I hope that has demystified the process of costing an illustration job for you a little. If you’d like to talk about my prices for a specific job get in touch and we can talk!

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